In 2013 the Werner Berg Museum shows the following exhibitions:
WELTALLENDE-August Walla and the artists from Gugging 
Werner Berg - Drunken by art 
Johann Feilacher - Wooden Pieces 
The permanent collection of the Werner Berg Foundation 


WELTALLENDE August Walla and the artits from Gugging

A common exhibition project of the Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg/Pliberk and the Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec

Werner Berg Museum: May 11th until November 10th
Galerija likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec: May 10th until June 30th

Opening Werner Berg Museum: May 11th 2013, 11 a.m. 

Opening Slovenj Gradec: May 10th 2013, 5 p.m.

August Walla’s term "Weltallende" or “Universe end” refers not only to an empire in his philosophy, but also to a double exhibition at the “Werner Berg Museum” in Bleiburg / Pliberk and at the “Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti” in Slovenj Gradec. In this cross-border exhibition project over 300 outstanding works of artists from Gugging will be shown for the first time on a large scale in Carinthia and Slovenia. The Gugging artists, who were awarded the Oskar Kokoschka Prize in 1990, are known worldwide as typical of the Art Brut (art that is uninfluenced by the official art world). It is art which goes to the base of the creative process.

Drunken by art

In an artistic dialogue with the presentation of Gugging artists is the showcase exhibition of hitherto completely unknown sketches of Werner Berg. Fascinating sketches, arisen from the disinhibiting effect of alcohol, which enabled the artist to depict reality spontaneously.

Johann Feilacher - Wooden Pieces

Johann Feilacher (*1954) whose wood sculptures find worldwide recognition is exhibited in the sculpture garden enlarging the museum area. 

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