In January - 1972 (75x120cm)

In January

A subject accompanies the artist throughout his whole life consists of two cherry trees surrounding the farm. Both trees stand close to each other, in a way they present “a couple”. Owing to their being together and a slightly unusual form of branches, Werner Berg shortly after his settlement light upon the pictorial quality of the situation. From that time on, this subject – once discovered – kept accompanying Werner Berg. The subject of “a double tree” repeats itself again and again throughout all of his works that capture its process of ageing. Trees become symbols, they provide situation in life. After the death of his wife he paints a picture called “In January”, in which one of the trees is “broken”. The series ends up with a symbolic painting “Before the End”. The existence of cherry trees at the same time reflects the fate of life and the fate of art of Werner Berg.


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