Shack in Autumn - 1967 (40x120cm)

Shack in Autumn

„When referring to what once was I also had in mind this extremely simple shack, a basic form of a small house I once accidently caught glimpse of and painted. Before long new buildings sprang up, competely despoiling the shack, and at last pushed it into oblivion. At present, not a single remnant of the shanty remains. And perhaps this is what is most depressing. Not that time is moving forwards – this has always been the case – and that the Old gives way to the New. But that a benchmark, a substance, is disappearing. Of course I am not called upon to preserve this in a museum; some people, however, are already immersed in sadness in the face of the immediate disappearance of things that surround them and lend their landscape its distinct soul (Sotriffer has written a book on Lost Unity).


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