Towering - 1979 (95x120cm)


A woman stopped on her way to turn towards the beholder. The woman converted into a “mountain”. Wide and immovable, she fixed her both legs on the ground. Her head seems tiny from a remote distance on account of her inordinately large size, with the fragility of the stick starkly contrasting the wide figure. The landscape seems significantlly smaller, while the parallel layers – fields in various colours – weave their way into the vast expanse. By applying colours in equal measure to the figure and the landscape alike, and by shading them in an uniform and warm manner, Berg integrated the woman into the expansiveness of the landscape. The magnitude of the figure emerges through the echange of the immense vertical lines and the horizontal lines made of narrowly constructed rows. The monument, into which the woman metamorphosed, and her collosal size enter into an important confrontation in terms of substance: a simple woman on her way.


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