Werner Berg

Werner Berg

In 1931, at the age of 27, Werner Berg moved to a remote mountain farm in Lower Carinthia with his wife, daughter, and a poet friend. Working as a painter and farmer, he lived there with his family until his death in 1981. Throughout his life he viewed the farm and the works he created there as an inseparable union of his art and life practice. He depicted the farm, its stable, farmhouse and atelier, its trees and fields, its inhabitants, animals and, not least, the flowers of the farmhouse garden in numerous paintings. These, as well as many contemporary photographs and documents, can be seen for the first time in an exhibition spanning the whole museum.

The Art-Façade-Action 2023, already a legendary project, will additionally show Werner Berg’s motifs in the public space.

Opening Hours
1st May to 31th October 2023
Tue to Sun from 10.00am to 6.00pm
Open on public holidays

Extensive audio guide information via QR code.
Guided tours (German/Sloh/Italian) for groups on request.

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