Maundy Thursday

 45 x 75cm
Maundy Thursday

The green deriving from the name of the church holiday (Maundy Thursday is callen »green Thursday« in German) is a colour determing this painting, the woman’s red dress additionaly intensifies the colour effect and deep luminosity, whereas the whining and mourning ascertain the message of this painting.  The days of the Church year determine the life of the rural population, and the Passion Week is an expression of its own passion and suffering.

So, what were the paintings  - which he strived to rediscover in the real world - accompanying Werner Berg as visions throughout his whole life like? Those were the paintings depicting an everyday life that stopped for a moment, the haste disappeared and reflected itself. Paintings portraying an everyday life adopted a festive character. The ordinary became something special and the smallest won a festive dignity. Paintings presenting landscape as a code, a hieroglyph that conveying a secret message. Paintings showing the simpliest actions and movements of people, their walking and sitting that seemed as a part of a ritual spending of life. Paintings displying their gestures and their looks, their talking and their silence, their awakness and their contemplation full of obscure meanings.