The Collection

The core collection of the Werner Berg Museum consists of a rich variety of oil paintings, woodcuts, watercolours, drawings, and sketches.  
In his will, Werner Berg made these works permanently available to the public through the Werner Berg Foundation in Bleiburg.

In exhibitions that change every year, a larger or smaller portion of this permanent collection, often with the addition of interesting works that have been loaned from other institutions, is juxtaposed against works by other artists.

Works from Werner Berg’s artistic estate (listed below) are also included, providing a retrospective overview of 50 years of artistic production in his adopted home of Carinthia.

Rutarhof, 1931
Young Family, 1932
Young Family
Horse feeding from a tree, 1932
Horse feeding from a tree
Woman Waiting on Her Way to the Market, 1933
Woman Waiting on Her Way to the Market
Altar of the Holy Family, 1933
Altar of the Holy Family
Man with Horse and Sleigh, 1933
Man with Horse and Sleigh
Parting, 1933
Summer, 1933
Woodcut Printing Blocks and Preliminary Drawings, 1934
Woodcut Printing Blocks and Preliminary Drawings
Farmer, Mare, Foal, 1934
Farmer, Mare, Foal
Cherry Blossoms, 1934
Cherry Blossoms
Oil Sketches - Junge Mutter, 1934
Oil Sketches - Junge Mutter
Women on the path, 1934
Women on the path
The Deaf-Mute, 1935
The Deaf-Mute
Oil Sketches - Trance mit Jäger, 1935
Oil Sketches - Trance mit Jäger
Self-Portrait Before Orange, 1936
Self-Portrait Before Orange
The Slavonic Cock Crow, 1947
The Slavonic Cock Crow
The Leaving Ones, 1948
The Leaving Ones
Cripples II, 1948
Cripples II
Rain, 1950
Christine Lavant VII, 1951
Christine Lavant VII
Christine Lavant, 1951
Christine Lavant
Trader, 1952
Sleeping Hens, 1954
Sleeping Hens
The Neighbor, 1954
The Neighbor
Rhythm of the Trees, 1954
Rhythm of the Trees
Man in a Train Compartment, 1956
Man in a Train Compartment
Summer Night, 1958
Summer Night
Women in Prayer, 1958
Women in Prayer
Nocturnal Landscape in Lower Carinthia, 1958
Nocturnal Landscape in Lower Carinthia
shooting booth, 1958
shooting booth
Wooing, 1959
Slaughtering II, 1959
Slaughtering II
Maundy Thursday, 1959
Maundy Thursday
A House with a Flag, 1961
A House with a Flag
Churchgoer, 1961
St. Thomas’s Eve, 1962
St. Thomas’s Eve
Bowlers (Country Fair), 1962
Bowlers (Country Fair)
Gamblers II, 1962
Gamblers II
Foxglove and Larkspur, 1962
Foxglove and Larkspur
Poor Woman, 1963
Poor Woman
Kyrie, 1963
Rutarhof (Farmyard Light), 1964
Rutarhof (Farmyard Light)
Still Life with Florian, 1965
Still Life with Florian
After the Game of Curling, 1967
After the Game of Curling
Farm Machinery III, 1967
Farm Machinery III
Shack in Autumn, 1967
Shack in Autumn
Hag in January, 1967
Hag in January
Man with Fur Collar, 1967
Man with Fur Collar
Ice-stick Shooting – The Little Lake I, 1967
Ice-stick Shooting – The Little Lake I
Pinboys, 1967
Before the Early Train, 1968
Before the Early Train
A Sleeping Passenger, 1968
A Sleeping Passenger
Autobus, 1969
Three Women Walking on St. Lucy’s Day, 1970
Three Women Walking on St. Lucy’s Day
On the Way, 1971
On the Way
Late August, 1971
Late August
Shell of the Building in Winter, 1972
Shell of the Building in Winter
In January, 1972
In January
Two Women, 1972
Two Women
Farm in Winter, 1973
Farm in Winter
Towering, 1979
Before the End, 1979
Before the End
Masks, 1980
Three People Walking in Winter, 1980
Three People Walking in Winter