Ice-stick Shooting – The Little Lake I

 35 x 55cm
Ice-stick Shooting – The Little Lake I

“A small format is suitable for the modification of figurative objects such as the walking ones, people on the way – topics that keep repeating themselves throughout all of my works, in the same way as children, ice-stick shooters, umbrellas or lately also people waiting for the train or bus”, explained Werner Berg.

He marks his impressions of ice-stick shooting on frozen lakes of Lower Carinthia as a manifestation of human being in the nature which can only be seen in this situation. Close and distant groups of figures placed in various spacial layers create tension, quite opposite to ice-rings which emphasize the perspective, coloured pullovers, scarfs and hats in contrast to monotonous dark clothes, shining ice-surfaces in contrast to landscape disappearing behind a thick blanket of fog encouraged the artist to always make new picture compositions.

Due to the connection of elementary vertical and horizhontal lines, Werner Bergs’s figures achieve peace and duration. There is no narrative; just a portrayal of people in a certain situation caught in a certain moment of time, because of the composition and form the painting conveys timelesness and eternity of a picture figure.