On the Way

 35 x 55cm
On the Way

The storm has just moved away, two women with closed umbrellas used as walking stick are going away. Long years of hard work on a field have left a trace, pain in hips and spine defines the grotesque posture of a thin woman with wavering steps who in spite of everything – it looks like she is about to topple over – purposefully and nimbly copes with her path, whereas the corpulent of the two women slides away as a ship. By using minimal artistic means, the bodies - diminished to their most simplified shapes -  convey their state and fate.

Werner Berg said: “I’m very much interested in devotion to events, to high respect for small nation – under the quotation-mark – that is why my pictures are made in a sharp form and do not only communicate an anecdotal trick. There is a significant difference in seeing and forming the things. These are not only significant academic themes nor the mental restrictedness.  I strongly believe that this special tension between a mental demand and a true devotion brings the work to life, gives the work fresh impetus. Naturally, the form is of utmost importance to the artist, since the fundamental beliefs do not create art, they can merely serve as a fundation, and so it is.”